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Let me first state that this is not a hoax, misinformation, or anything other than an unfortunate truth.  I'm writing because I'm a victim of illegal U.S. government program involving experimentation, torture, and psychological abuse. This is a Department of Defense intelligence community effort. I do not know where the authorization to kill came from, but it must have come from the highest echelons of government.

At my former assignment as a federal employee at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Rome, NY, I was the target of directed energy experiments.  Torture involved the use of space assets, such as space-based radar, operated by space vehicles, such as satellites.  Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) assets have this capability through synthetic aperture radar. There exists little to no intelligence oversight into the use or misuse of these capabilities. Such assets are classified Top Secret/TK, SAP or USAP (black programs). 

This began August 2010 and continues now, even though I'm no longer with the Laboratory in Rome, NY.  It is known these illegal efforts extend beyond Rome, NY.  Besides torture there exists harassment.  My phone and email have been monitored.  My residence has been entered unlawfully several times, my vehicle broken into, threatening phone calls and notes have been left.  

I mention Rome Labs because key personnel in my chain of command knew of this illegal program and took part in psychological operations to silence me.  Rome Labs was a convenient proxy for involvement by the intelligence community.  Most threats were verbally delivered in a secure facility to reduce witnesses.  Threats were made to keep me quiet.  Threats were made on my life.  Verbal suggestions were often made to coerce me to commit suicide.  Threats and hazing were made by military and civilian personnel with close links to the intelligence community, namely, the NRO, the NSA, and the CIA. 

Key Conspirators/Criminals are listed below:

Threats and coercion to commit suicide:
Chester Maciag (Air Force Civilian):

Col. Lamar Dewey Parker (Air Force Colonel)

Coercion to commit suicide:
Lt. Col William Gregory

The exposure to massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation has left my body and mind permanently dysfunctional.  Exposure causes unbearable pain, sometimes even total loss of bodily control.  There were many nights I thought I was going to die. My body constantly shakes now and it's an effort to even walk. Most of the long-term damage is to my nervous system.

Based on discussions with Rome Labs superiors, the purpose of this illegal testing is to eliminate personnel by forcing them into suicide to escape the pain. I fear these weapons will, in the future, be used to target a select few adversaries of high value. The result will be temporary insanity, and/or suicide. 

I am a good standing member of society, a veteran, and have nothing to gain by disclosing this.  In fact, most of my attempts at revealing the truth invites some form of retaliation. I am willing to provide more details on the criminals involved and key events when/if you contact me back. My hopes are that I can get some of the people involved at Rome Labs to give honest testimony and disclose the details of this sadistic program. Note that only a few people at Rome Labs knew of this effort, as only the most hardened and sickened of criminals would go along with this.

The burden of proof is difficult, but, hopefully my writing this will lead to some kind of follow on effort, and in the end, save such atrocities from happening in the future. 

Their contact information is provided at the link at the top left hand side.

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